Contribution guidelines

Rules for new entries

  • One entry per pull request.
  • Add an entry to the bottom of the list, in the relevant category.
  • Each entry should consist of a link and a description.
  • Please state in the pull request description why you think the resource is awesome. Even better, in the description itself.

What is “awesome”?

This is a curated list, not a complete list of everything related to CHIP-8. If you think it’s awesome, then by all means, open a pull request and add it! If I disagree, we can talk about it.

Here are some criteria that I personally think determines “awesomeness” for something related to CHIP-8. Consider them as guidelines, not hard rules. The guidelines are also up for discussion.


Documentation and guides should preferably acknowledge the different “quirks” or behavioral differences between CHIP-8 implementations.

This means that the well-known Cowgod’s Technical Reference, while detailed, is not “awesome” because it describes behavior that is incompatible with original CHIP-8 games for the COSMAC VIP. In fact, this list was started in part because I started looking for guides and references that were more accurate than Cowgod’s.


An “awesome” emulator/interpreter does something unique.

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • running on a unique system (a CHIP-8 emulator running on a SNES is definitely awesome)
  • providing stand-out debugging capabilities
  • being compatible with a wide range of CHIP-8 programs (ie. providing “quirk” settings or similar)
  • being written in a unique language
  • supporting the XO-CHIP extension or other “rare” interpreter specifications

This is, again, not an exhaustive list. However, there are a lot of CHIP-8 emulators/interpreters out there, and we can’t possibly include them all.


Any CHIP-8 game is awesome!

Games that are compatible with all emulators (ie. by circumventing “quirky” behavior) or state what quirks they require are especially awesome.